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Transformation of a production facility into modern multi-tenant office lofts

Building of the former Triumph-Adler works in Nuremberg

Innovum, Nürnberg, Triumphwerke


exterior, facade, windows, innovum
exterior, facade, windows, innovum, stairs, railing

The positioning of two new staircases transforms the former Triumph Adler factory building into a modern multi-tenant property: modern office lofts that can be flexibly divided without spatial and technical restrictions within the build-out areas.


Innovum, Nürnberg, Triumphwerke
Innovum, Nürnberg, Triumphwerke

The already over-formed façade of the building was purified by making the peculiarities of the components, which were created at different times and with different construction systems, visible again through the new façade concept.

space gain

floor plan, plan, innovum

The basement, which was previously used in a subordinate capacity, was raised slightly and became the new first floor with barrier-free access on both sides. As a supplement and without significant intervention in the building material, a new representative development with new street-side entrances and new staircases on the courtyard side was realized.

Fürther Straße, nuremberg


11.455 m²


UBS Real Estate Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH, Munich


Fthenakis Ropee Architektenkooperative GbR


Stefan Aschbichler, Rolf Berninger, Jürgen Frost, Alexander Fthenakis, Urs Fridrich, Amely Myrenne, Johannes Niggl, Juae Kim, Julia König, Diane Stein, Nina Türk


Rolf Berninger

project management

Rolf Berninger, Jürgen Frost, Johannes Niggl, Nina Türk

site management

BS.M München

planning structure

TGA Consulting Kulle und Hofstetter

planning MEP

TuB Brandschutz GmbH

fire protection

Kurz and Fischer

construction physics

Michael Leberzammer

energy consulting

El:ch Landschaftsarchitekten

landscape architect

Kaller & Kaller Werbeagentur


Oliver Heissner


further projects