• kitchen
  • Central space
  • Light
  • Space gain
  • workspaces
  • loft

Conversion of office space for an investment company

Conversion of conventional cubicle offices into a spacious open office

Interior, loft, open office, green, column, window, office, desks

Loft & Open Office

Glass partition, open office, coffered ceiling, furniture linoleum
Glass partition, open office, coffered ceiling, furniture linoleum

All rooms are grouped around a central area consisting of an entrance foyer and open office.

Color and material concept

entrance, counter, open ceiling
Entrance, waiting area, seating

Oak, terrazzo, burgundy and forest green form the design basis throughout the project.

Interior design

Kitchen, light, open office, barista
Entrance, waiting area, seating, Lounge, terrazzo, kitchen
Lounge, conference room, viko, oak table

Suitable equipment and furnishings were developed and implemented together with the overall concept.

Promenadeplatz, Munich


480 m²




Fthenakis Ropee Architektenkooperative GbR


Rolf Berninger, Beatrice Crescenti, Georg Klafke, Valentina Rossa, Susann Weiland


Rolf Berninger

project management

Georg Klafke

site management

Sebastian Schels


further projects