studie LRA Freising

  • development concept
  • several locations

Preliminary study of a building development concept for several locations of the district office Freising

Needs and location analysis for an organization distributed over eight buildings

District office, 80s, old building, monastery, building yard

The Freising District Office is currently spread across various buildings in Freising, some of which are rented: The main buildings, the new building, the old building and the monastery library, as well as some branch offices. The building stock was cataloged and evaluated as part of a preliminary study for a development concept.

Freising, several location


11.060 m²


district office Freising


Fthenakis Ropee Architektenkooperative GbR


Laura Augustin, Alexander Fthenakis, Rolf Berninger


Laura Augustin

project management

Fthenakis Ropee Architektenkooperative GbR


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