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Competition entry for the new library building of the philological faculty of the LMU

in collaboration with Victor López Cotelo, Madrid

model, philologicum, competition
model, philologicum, competition
model, philologicum, competition

The former Friedrich von Gärtner Institute for the Blind (1833-35) on Ludwigstrasse was to be given a new use in the 1960s after it had already been completely gutted and rebuilt: The Central Library of Linguistics. A solution was chosen which, after repeated excavation down to the historic outer walls, again refers to the architectural order and scale of the shell. At the gap on the courtyard side, new glass facades appear independently, which at the same time creates a spatial relationship to the courtyard and guarantees high quality daylight for the reading rooms.

Ludwigstraße, Munich


9.000 m²


Staatliches Bauamt München 2


Fthenakis Ropee Architektenkooperative GbR


Rolf Berninger, Victor López Cotelo, Stephanie Dykiert, Europa Frohwein, Alexander Fthenakis


Alexander Fthenakis

project management

Lux und Nadir, Fthenakis Ropee Architektenkooperative GbR


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