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Conversion and equipment of a small apartment

according to Feng Shui form school, Ba Gua and Xuan Kong Fei Xing

Kitchen, breakthrough, optimized space

Central room

Kitchen, breakthrough, optimized space

Via the simple intervention of a wall breakthrough between two small rooms, the open kitchen became the central space of the apartment. with only about 4 m² it is a perfectly organized fully equipped kitchen including a washing machine.


lamp de marseille, Le Corbusier, Luis Weiland art
narrow bathroom, shower bath, walk-through shower

By healing, we mean a spatial cure or improvement of a compromised structural condition. In the existing narrow bathroom, the shower and WC were exchanged in their respective positions in the course of a new construction. Among other things, this restored accessibility to the window and easy ventilation.

Feng Shui

Kitchen, lamps, counters, gas stove, floor plan, plan

Feng Shui is an energetic consideration of a spatial situation, both inside the apartment and in the relationship of the rooms to the external environment. Using the School of Form, Ba Gua and Xuan Kong Fei Xing, the small apartment was transformed into a storehouse of energy. We combined our understanding of architecture with the experiential ancient knowledge of spatial energies from China.

Dreimühlenstraße, munich


57 m²




Ropee PartmbB


Rolf Berninger, Susann Weiland


Rolf Berninger

project management

Fthenakis Ropee Architektenkooperative GbR


Ropee PartmbB

Feng Shui

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